Here at Plenty, we are inspired by people who dare to change the world by using their differences as fuel. With sustainability in mind and scent-free products, the team at TUC (The Unscented Company) washes away the idea that ‘’what smells good cleans better’’ and that’s exactly the kind of people we like to work with. Let’s just say that they are an inspiration on every level.





Anie Rouleau’s project, The Unscented Company, was launched in 2016 to offer a complete line of unscented and biodegradable home and body care products. The company’s name itself is a statement and announces the company’s position and mission. ‘’I’ve always been fragrance intolerant, so I had to create products of my own that wouldn’t trigger reactions.’’ Hypoallergenic or not, fragrance-free products offer a welcomed rest to our overstimulated senses. ‘’I have nothing against fragrances, especially if it’s from natural ingredients. The problem is the pervasiveness of fragrances and, too often, the chemical origin of its ingredients. Literally everything has a fragrance now, even trash bags!’’, points out TUC’s founder.


It took some time before TUC made a name for itself. Consumer’s habits are hard to change. ‘’At the beginning, nobody wanted to jump in! I must admit I was very demanding: I was asking consumers to change completely their way to see cleaning products and to bring their own containers to refill!’’ Today, more people are aware and adopt TUC’s philosophy and products. ‘’Some people do it because of fragrance intolerance, like me, but there are a whole lot of reasons to do it. Some men are looking for more neutral products, parents are looking for natural products for their children, while others are looking for a way to reduce their footprint on the environment or to keep their clothes longer’’, notes Anie. Needless to say, that it hasn’t fell in deaf ears at Plenty!





More people are going out to enjoy the outdoors in the wilderness and protected areas without being aware of the mark they leave on the environment. In a natural area, using biodegradable products should be the norm, not an exception, otherwise chemicals blend in the ecosystem. A product is considered ‘’easily biodegradable’’ if it’s biodegraded at 60% within 28 days of being exposed to sunlight, water and bacteria, which leaves time for other particles to stay in ecosystems longer than they should. TUC claims some of the best biodegradable products and the list of ingredients for each product can be found easily online.


Fragrance-free products can also prove to be an advantage to go unnoticed in the forest. Both flora and fauna are very sensitive to fragrances, and that includes mosquitos!




Not only TUC’s products are eco-friendly, but so is the company’s management. ‘’Our greatest feats of sustainability are the certification of our procedures, our production line, the hiring process, the assessment of our suppliers and our local vision.’’ TUC is B Corporation certified, which means it’s committed to meet the highest performance, transparency and responsibility requirements, while taking in account the needs of the employees, the local community and the environment. ‘’We believe it’s possible to make a profit while respecting our societal and environmental values’’. It all comes down to respecting the three P’s: Profit-Planet-People. ‘’We are not perfect and there are still a lot of things that confront our convictions daily, and every time, we are asking ourselves how we could get better, going one step at a time.’’



For the years to come, Anie will focus on reducing the water content of TUC’s products, or better yet, eliminate it completely. ‘’The future isn’t with liquid products. We must eliminate cleaning products that contain 90% water. That way, we’ll carry less water and we’ll reduce the packaging, mostly plastic’’. Anie hopes consumers will step up and change their habits. ‘’Using Business as a Force for Good’’, my mission is to help people realize that every little gesture counts’’, add TUC’s founder.




Plenty is proud to collaborate with TUC. The whole team adopted the products, at home and in the workplace. For the occasion, every online order of Plenty products will come with a free TUC dishwashing sample*, biodegradable and fragrance-free of course. Try it at home or on your next outdoor adventure.


*while supplies last.


Don’t miss the TUC X Plenty contest for a chance to win a Plenty Polar Hood (men or women) and a large container of TUC laundry detergent.


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