Since 10 years, Plenty brings a signature to its collection with pictures and logos inspired by the North America heritage. Once again, Plenty's graphic artists pay tribute to pioneers who accomplished great things before us. We'll leave it up to you to discover their history :


The Nadine Long Sleeve Story

Nadine is climbing up from water Canyon, so named after a spring that supplies abundant fresh water, a rarity in this region. There are no trails there and she had to navigate by map and compass experience. The terrain in this region is harsh, water scarce and help days away but that doesn’t bother Nadine because the rewards are great. According Nadine, a longtime exploration adept, this is the only way the Canyonlands can be truly appreciated in the 70’s.


— Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA, May 1972.

The Chicago Raglan Tee Story

Two Youths in Uptown, Chicago, Illinois, a Neighborhood of Poor White Southerners. The Inner City Today Is an Absolute Contradiction to the Main Stream America of Gaz Stations Expressways, Shopping Centers and Tract Homes. Some of the Best American Architecture Survives in Her “Worst” Neighborhoods, Only Because It Hasn’t Been Demolished.

Chicago Raglan Tee

— Uptown Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 1974.

The Mary Tee Story

Mrs Mary Turnbull was the local hero of Prince Albert during the early 50’s. She won the canadian championship of tennis 3 years in a row. We can see her in action up at the net on the tennis court at Waskesiu tennis club.

Mary Tee

— Prince-Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, July 1950

The Souvenir Crop Top Story

In the beginning of the 1930s, the Garner state park was originally made to save a piece of the hill country for the public and to give men, suffering from the Great Depression, some work. Today it is a public park known for it’s spectacular views and free overnight camping spots.

Souvenir Crop Tee

— Garner state park, Texas, USA, July 1972


The Mammouth long sleeve story

Our skateboard #locahero Mammouth Durette, totally exhausted after a long session, tries to catch his breath laying down at the bottom of the bowl.

Mammouth Long Sleeve

— Victoria park, St-Roch, Qc, Canada.

The Rocket Tee story

This is the launch of Mercury-Redstone 3 for the Freedom 7 mission in space. The main scientific objective of project Mercury was to determine man’s capabilities in a space environment and in those environments to which he will be subject upon going into and returning from space. The only man inside was Alan B.Shepard, Jr.

Rocket Tee

— Launch pad LC-5, Cap Canaveral. USA, may 5th, 1961

The Joe Tee Story

Meet Joseph Mann, an ore prospector who specializes in finding copper, gold and silver. His mine was about 550 km north of the city of Montreal. You can see him in his outboard motorboat on the Chibougamau lake while out on his many prospection missions.

Joe Tee

Chibougamau, Québec, Canada, summer 1957

The Racheal Tee Story

Rachael Ryan is a photograph and an outdoor enthusiast. She has been on the road for 2 years now, exploring the world. Here you can see her by the falls of the Crested Butte Ranch.

Rachael Tee

Colorado, USA.


The Webster Tee Story

Thanks to Webster, a friend and historian, also the one behind Québec History X guided tour, we had the chance to learn more about the early days of the black community in the 1830s. Hence the Webster tee, a tribute to the relatively unknown history of the first black residents of Québec who contributed to shape the culture of Plenty Humanwear's hometown! On the picture, you can see Brown Shagg. Mr.Shag was a wrestling teacher and his school was behind the ramparts, in the heart of Quebec city. In 1933, Alex Grant chose the three words at the bottom to define what the Black community meant to the city : LIGHT, LIFE, LIBERTY.

Webster Tee

—  Québec City, Qc, Canada, 1900


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