A mere 25km from the Old Quebec neighborhood, you can find the Sentiers du Moulin trails (or SDM), known for its quality MTB trails. This network adds up to 35km of trails, which includes 4 enduro-type trails and 8 cross-country trails for every skills level. Adrenaline junkies must not sleep on this one as some of the SDM trails are amongst the most advanced trails in Canada, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As you are reading this, new trails are in the work, developed by the best riders in the area.


What makes the SDM trails so special is mostly the involvement of the mountain bike community all along the construction process of the trails, that’s the key. We must mention the LB-Cycle club, a group of riders dedicated to the development, maintenance and improvement of the trails in the Lac-Beauport area. This support from the local scene is much appreciated by Hugues Fournel, former athlete and Operations Director of SDM trails. For the occasion, we had a chat with him between downhill sessions.



Is it safe to say that SDM are a product of a group effort involving the community?

The local support has a huge part in SDM’s success. I am impressed and moved by the considerable number of volunteers showing up everyday to help! It motivates the team that works here to keep on improving, innovating and developing the trails.


What part does the LB-Cycle Club plays? How are members getting involved?

These guys are on fire! They make things move in Lac-Beauport. They are the reason why SDM trails are on another level, they have a unique take on Enduro. The new LBC3 trail will be completed by August and it’s going to be insane!


You are a former canoe/kayak Olympic athlete, why getting involved with the Sentier du Moulin (SDM)?

Being an ex-athlete and having performed at a high level, I always knew I would work within the world of sports, the outdoors and mostly customer service. Now, working as a director, I combine all my interests at once. Having the opportunity to manage the center is probably one of my most exciting adventure.


Quels sont vos projets/travaux à venir? What’s coming next?

Wow! Where should I begin? I’m super excited thinking about what the SDM will look like in 5 years. We are known as an intermediate/expert center, that’s our trademark, mostly for Enduro, so we’ll keep developing in that direction. However, we also want to develop a more familial side to it, make the sport more approachable for kids, families and beginners. My goal is to see kids from Lac-Beauport hone their skills on the trails we’d build just for them. That’s the reason why we are investing a lot of time and money on our ‘’green’’ trails. Also, we must not forget the flowy-type trails that starts from the upper deck, we are also working on the second summit ‘’Gros Buck’’, and the icing on the cake, the new reception pavilion that will open its doors next winter!


What is your favorite trail?

I really enjoy the Super G because it allows me to get better as a rider and push back my limits.


To conclude, what makes SDM unique?

It’s close to the city, Lac-Beauport’s community, and having the nature as an awesome playground!

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