Hi y’all ! My name is Dre, or Andre-Laurence is you have a little bit of time. I’m a keen explorer, photograph enthousiast & stoked surfer. Six months ago, I made the move from Tofino - which I now consider my hometown, although having grown up in landlock Quebec City- to the West Coast of Australia. Like most of us, I’m not especially fond of 30-plus hours flight. That’s why on my way there I made a few stops to share waves and adventures with some of the sickest guys I know. So on the way to Australia, waves and adventures were had in Portugal (cheapest, best food you’ll ever find in Europe), Morocco (incredible amount of right-hand point breaks, but needs the right amount of swell) and Budapest (yeah, we kind of got lost), to Indonesia (spend as little time as possible on Bali if you go there, it’s a vortex). From there, it was a short hop over to the promised land of Western Australia. Let me tell you a thing or two about Down Under. 



Why did I make the move ? 


That was an easy one. Actually I’m pretty sure that not making the move would’ve been harder than making it. Primo, the surf is good basically all year long with mostly pleasant weather hovering above 20 degrees for most of the year. Secundo, and that’s a big one: getting a working holiday visa in australia takes about ten minutes and is a super easy process. Thirdo, Kangaroos. They’re sick! Bottom line, you can surf your brains out every day without completely ruining yourself. In that regard, Australia is the promised land to live a simple surf bum life. It truly is a surfing paradise. 


The life around here. 


I’ve been living in this little gem of a town called Margaret River for the past six months. The place is infused with good vibes and its inhabitants understand the pillars of a well-lived life: good coffee, surfing, fishing and wine (187 wineries in the region, some of them producing world-class bottles). That’s without mentioning the amazing weather and the stunningly bare landscapes in the area. And as it would, people’s vibe around here is as beautiful as the naturals settings. Everyone is laid-back and welcoming, barefoot at the grocery store, sunburnt hair, all smile and willing to engage conversation with pretty much anyone at any moment. 

More and more Margaret River appears to me as a close parent to Tofino, BC. That might be why I like it so much. 


All that being said, there’s no denying it: the main attraction here for me are the waves. Margaret River is located right in the middle of a 135 kilometres cape sticking out in the ocean from the australian continent. That incredibly wave-rich stretch of coast is called the cape to cape and has an amount of surfing options that’s hard to fathom. With beaches facing every direction, there’s always a spot to check, no matter what the swell and the wind are doing, and the variety of wave styles is endless, from beach break to reef peelers to truly terrifying slabs. On top of that, the vibe in the water is almost always friendly and dolphins abound. It’s hard to surf a session without sharing a few waves with these friendly cetaceans. 


What’s next  ?  


I kind of live week by week at the moment so it’s a tricky one. But definitely more surf, more explorations around OZ, more photos & more stoked!


Edited by : Jules Sabourin

Photos : @rikegoedecke //@dreday_14


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